The Servbots, known as Kobun (コブン, Kobun?) in Japan, are small all-purpose robots built by Tron Bonne, each with their own personality and talent. They are loyal to the Bonne family of air pirates, and work doing several tasks, being the crew onboard the Gesellschaft and pilots of fighting machines in missions. Although Tron at first built 40 Servbots, there was a 41st exist, with the origin of the 41st Servbot being unknown to her. In need of more hands to save Megaman she asked for a machine from Capcom Corp. which produces Servbots at a rapid rate, so now over a 1000 of them exist. The Servbots have a child-like personality and love Tron as a mother, but are often in trouble for their mistakes and are punished by her when they goof off. Their cute appearance is useful to avoid people suspecting of them.

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