Servbot #1284
Servbot Zakoban
Servbot image by QuietlyThinking


Quiet, Fast


Reaverbot Studies


Speed: ●●●●
Brains: ●●
Sloth: ○○


Various Ruins

Ohh... umm... hello there... Servbot #1284 here, reporting from what I hope is going to stay a quiet section of the Ruins... So on to about me I guess.

My specilization is the study of Reaverbots and there habits... as well as working out a basic map of any Ruins that Miss Tron may send me to... at least she was kind enough to make this disguise for me so I don't get attacked, but it doesn't always work.... What... sorry, thought I heard something coming...

If any other Servbots happen to find a blue and yellow Reaverbot in the Ruins, I would appreciate if you didn't shoot at me like the more well armed diggers do... it really hurts!! I promise to provide any information on Ruins you find me in to you as long you don't hurt me.

And I know I really shouldn't, but I sometimes give the information to diggers so they don't hurt me... I really hope Miss Tron doesnt find out about it... I don't want her to take my disguises away.


Speed: ●●●●
Brains: ●●
Sloth: ○○

Likes Edit

  • Hiding
  • Observation
  • Making Friends
  • Making Costumes
  • And of Course Miss Tron!

Dislikes Edit

  • Getting Hurt
  • Mean People
  • Big Reaverbots
  • Cave Ins! I don't want to be trapped!

Disguises Prepared Edit

Note: All the Disguises done come in normal colors and Yellow and Blue Mixes.


  • Zakobon/Horokko(Most Common)
    Servbot Zakoban
  • Mimic
  • Shekuten (Remote Control too!)
  • Koni

Works in Progress:

  • Gorubeshu (Need Hat and Shield though)
  • Frongel (Missing Springs for jumping)
  • Tarble (Balancing Issues)
  • Miitan (Can't keep up in the air like they somehow do)