Servbot #4053
This guy is totally not a spy...


Attack: ●●
Speed: ●●●●
Brains: ●●●
Sloth: ○○○○


Loves to have fun, but is not lazy! He puts fun aside for work when it is needed to be done and in some cases evencombines the two!


Probably on some online server, spreading the word

OK Miss Tron, I'll write my profile!

Im Servbot #4053! Please don't mistake me for someone else if you see me, I happen to be a lot like someone else...

I'm not a lazy servbot at all! I've been spreading the word to get more Servbots in the devroom via online f2ps and mmos (when I'm not mistakin as someone else, of course...) I'm not that bad in a fight either, ok attack, and blazing fast speed! I'm also a smart servbot too!

Currentley: In the Gesselschaft Computer Room, spreading the word!