User: Trickstar

[The SS Tronne] What better way to describe pirates better than a pirate ship? The ship is designed to look like a galleon. There are front and side cannons that fire serve bots and of course Bonne bombs. The Servebots invade the ship that Megaman is in and attack him or the ship. The cannons try to destroy the ship or obstacles around the area. They aslo have mounted machine guns that the servebots occasionaly get on to attack Megaman. They also have a ramming drills to ram Megaman's ship in a attempt to damage it or knock Megaman off somewhere. The ship is capable of diving like a ghost ship but requires preperation to dive. And it also has a booster to make the ship move faster and in any direction. The sails are metal plates that carry the Bonne symbol on it. In the crows nest is a Servebot tossing bombs. Simple yet efffective. EDIT: The ship also has tank treads for underwanter movement. When underwanter the mech cannons can still fire and also they can deploy torpedos.

[The Mission] Since the S.S. Tronne is Servebot powered, taking out the servebots will reduce total damage. Also Megaman can jump on the S.S. Tronne and damage its sales from the pole area. The cannons can be destroyed and after everything is destroyed you can attack the ship itself. EDIT: If megaman is not a type of floating device then the losing condition will be if Megaman is defeated or the ruin is collapsed before the fight is over. The losing condition is that if Megamans ship gets destroyed first. Bringing back the nostalgia from Megaman Legends 1.

[Other] I think it would be cool if Teasel captained the ship because he strikes me as the type of guy that has a hidden dream of being an old school pirate.I also want a statue of Tronne to be the figurehead. That way it supports the idea of the ship being good luck since its named after a lady and it has a statue of the lady.